After who knows how long, vaccinations in the UK are at the point where it’s finally less risky to go out to the park and have some snacks and drinks with friends (at a safe distance) again.

Since my birthday week was so warm, it seemed like the perfect way to celebrate: a sunny park, some coffee and cake, and my good friend Tilley who loves coffee and the park as much as I do.

When Denis Villeneuve signed on to direct a 21st century version of the Frank Herbert classic sci-fi novel, Dune, he was no doubt aware of the book’s long and lasting history.

new cover art

With the release of the new movie — and hopefully more to follow on film and tv — Dune is about to have a new wave of resurrected and fresh devotees and art work to feed our frenzy.

Dune by Frank Herbert was a strong influence in our wonder | wander | women lives, when we first read it in the late 70s, pregnant with Mahala.

Throughout the years, we ardently studied the Bene Gesserit training manual and the Mentat handbook, in our own quest to immerse ourselves totally in the made up world of Dune.

Dune cover art

We are delighted that a new movie directed by Denis Villeneuve is being released this soon. The reviews and coverage have been very positive and that has been so encouraging to avid fans like us.

The truth is, we were so gaga…

This year marks the twentieth anniversary of the American tragedy known as 9/11. The catastrophic disaster of September 11, 2001 changed New York, the people of the United States, and the world forever.

Tribute in Light — 9/11 commemorative public art installation — photo by Jin S. Lee

The recent pull out of American forces in Afghanistan has forced us all to question actions and consequences arising from twenty years ago. How it changed our world and how each of us are affected in its wake.

How would our response have been different had Mister Rogers been president of the US instead of Bush and Biden?

Fred Rogers: look for the helpers

We commemorate 9/11

I was so excited to turn 42 this year. In the Douglas Adams science fiction series The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, the number 42 is given as the answer to “life, the Universe, and everything.”

art corner at VANS in Seven Dials

It’s an age where, a lifetime ago, I figured I would have all the answers, accomplished everything I wanted in life, and knew exactly where I was going next. Life, the Universe and everything. . . .doesn’t always work like that.

Death and destruction in the wake of Ida — all across the northeast here in the United States. The storm’s tail lashed out — all wild and heavy handed — bringing high floods and causing havoc late evening and early morning, on September 1 and 2.

image c/o The Washington Time

Videos and photos of New York City — under siege and under water — caused wave after wave of surreal chills worldwide. Leaving us helpless and horrified as we watched in joined paralyzing fear.

Washington Post coverage

Emergencies were declared for New York state, New York City, New Jersey and Pennsylvania as a month’s…

Celebrating the birthday of our beloved shooting star — Peque Gallaga.

This photo of Peque working behind the scenes by that giant kawa could likely be the inspiration to naming Mahala Dewdrop Kawali while she was in my belly.

production still — Oro Plata Mata

Peque meant a lot to so many of us, touching our lives in big and small ways as teacher, mentor, friend. Marking personal breakthroughs and highlights — enhancing our own outlook in life.

For wonder | wander | women, we are eternally grateful and abjectly appreciative to have been accepted and adopted into the whole Peque Gallaga clan for many happy…

Vaccinations are rolling out, variants rampant, summer days hot in one country and damp in the other. What are stay-at-home wonder | wander | women to do? Read, rest, write and learn!

Robin in the garden — watercolours in Paperblanks notebook

This year has been the year of learning. The outside world is slowly taking its finger off the pause button, but our way of living has been irrevocably changed. We are sitting back while trying to feel our way forward in this new world.

Boushra Almutawakel is a Yemeni artist and photographer passionate about justice for girls and women’s rights. Her ongoing series about the hijab explores the many ways to look at this veil and how it affects the identity of and assumptions about the women who wear it.

Untitled, The Hijab Series, 2002

In her words: After September 11, I was compelled to create images on the veil, particularly since Islam and Muslims had taken international center stage. I found that we, as Arabs and Muslims, were either demonized or romanticized.

Part of this paradoxical portrayal is the way Middle Eastern women have been portrayed artistically and/or…

WoaWomen Urra

curious creative tandem — cohearts & collaborators

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