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2 min readNov 1, 2023

The triduum of Allhallowtide — All Saints’ Eve (Halloween, Oct 31), All Saints’ Day (Nov 1), and All Souls’ Day (Nov 2) brings much to the fore. Death. Transformation. Letting go.

The state of bardo is magnified and multiplied. Stumbling in the mystical mists that are intermediate, transitional, liminal — suspended in a state between death and rebirth.

Dia de los Muertos — Day od the Dead

Autumn is the ideal season here in the east coast — lifting Spirit with its gorgeous and vibrant palette. Vivid reds, golden oranges, bright yellows, verdant greens. Chakra colors — root red, sacral orange, solar plexus yellow, heart green. Universal, centered — core colors within as all around.

The wheel of life and nature’s annual cycle — birth, growth, fullness, release and death to rest. Where seasons stay the same we are pushed to complete the circle to make it whole. Often feeling bound to keep producing like hot-house blossoms — no time out to rest, no reprieve.

There’s something warm and nurturing about nature in fall — even as temperatures drop. The chill in the air nips at us, makes us snuggle for warmth — looking to get cozy.

In our full fast furious world now we produce, push, progress at a pace that leaves us panting and depleted. Our weekends crammed with personal stuff pended throughout the work week. Our holidays pressed and pressured to overflowing. Where do we make time to rest, relax, release?

No time or thought spared to contemplate letting go. To be quiet and reflect. To consider ageing and death. Much as death is all around — in wars and mass deaths all over the world. Ukraine, Middle East, Africa, USA. Especially with climate and our environment.

We are terrorized and horrified by death when it is part of every life cycle. Mother Nature is constantly changing — always alive. Human beings are both short sighted and short lived — longing to live forever, make their mark, be memorialized.

Our view of life has turned toxic — not rooted we cannot support life, not recognizing ageing we cannot accept death.

Nature like women constantly cooperates. Nature is interconnected and works as a whole. Nature is a unified system with time to live and time to die. There is a purpose to that — new cannot be born with no death of the old.

It is not the number of breaths we take that count but the moments that take our breath away that matter most.

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