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2 min readDec 31, 2022

Renee Baribeau and Sandra Ingerman released a new episode on the Shamans Cave, Keeping Pace with the Seasons — how we can align our energetic phases with nature to be in natures’ flow instead of living at odds with its rhythm.

Perfect timing as we’re winding down for 2022 and looking forward to 2023.

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Humans and nature were meant to live in harmony — together and linked, not separate. If we follow our true identity as a nature being then attention to the changing phases and cycles of nature keeps us better in sync.

One impactful part of the episode was Sandra’s story about how indigenous tribes believed in Bear as a shaman — where back in time the perception was Bear died in winter and was reborn in spring. #munimunitime

Shamans Cave episode — Keeping Pace with the Seasons

In the Philippines, where wonder | wander | women come from — we do not have four seasons to cycle thru, we wonder how this pans out. Are the shifts and signs subtler or hidden under more dramatic forces of Nature?

Is it easier to miss or harder to discern them? Are we less prepared? Are we more affected? #NewYear2023 #reflections

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We cannot separate ourselves from the energetic changes happening to the Earth during the change in seasons. Many of us face so many issues and challenges in a variety of levels and forms — fear, anxiety, depression, insomnia, mysterious illnesses.

Being in tune with our cycles and circles — within and without is of utmost importance.

A glorious New Year to us — all the best and be well!

New Year’s Eve 2023, Edgewater NJ



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