British Library presents: Buddhism

The birth of Prince Siddhartha, woodblock print, China, 1808
Burmese scroll depicting the palace of Siddhartha
Thai scroll showing the former lives of Buddha
Buddhapada, Buddha’s footprint, with a Dharma chakra at the heel
and conch shells at the toes to symbolise the spread of Buddhism
Illustrated Pancaraksa (ritual text on the Five Protections),
Nepal, c. 1130–1150
The manuscript Akhyanapadhang Likhisang, Sri Lanka, 19th century.
Stylus used to inscribe manuscripts, with case.
Manuscript of Guanyin Sutra, copyright British Librar
Mekurakyo scroll, Japan, 20th century.
Book of paper amulets, China, 19th century
Illustrations for the Vessantara Jataka, about the virtue of generosity.
Irving Chan Johnson, Lim Su Qi and Rungnapa Kitiarsa, Singapore, 2019.
Dishu in PrintMag
Buddha as healer, Burma, before 1985



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