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With the advent of December the holidays are definitely upon us. As wonder | wonder | world breathe in the crisp and clear chill of winter’s approach we turn toward these words of esoteric educator Rudolf Steiner.

In ancient times, a man felt himself on Earth, saying this: before I stood on Earth, I was in a spiritual — soul world, figuratively speaking — in a light world. This light still mysteriously shines in my inner me. I — as a human being — am a shell of the Divine Light that still continues to live in me.

The Adoration of the Magi tapestry designed by Edward Burne Jones — details by William Morris & John Henry Dearle

In the process of development, a [hu]man loses his sense that he is a shell of the Divine. He no longer feels in the image of the Divine, as the Greek experienced.

The modern task of man is to find again this attitude of man to himself and to the Divine. A person must obtain the impulse of living — living spiritually from his own mental strength.

This means that [s/]he should be able to come to ideas that are internally alive, that concern not only reason but the whole human being. A person should again be able to contribute all warmth and all soul light into ideas. ~ Rudolf Steiner. GA 221. Dornach, 02/18/1923

The Adoration of the Magi tapestry — angel detail

Long before the Christmas story, this time of year was celebrated as the birth of a sun god — the most well-known being the Persian Mithras, whose birth in a cave was witnessed by shepherds.

The Divine Birth at the Winter Solstice has its origins in the drama of the stars. On the longest and darkest night of the year, the constellation of Virgo stands upon the eastern horizon at midnight as the Virgin Mother gives birth to the new Son / Sun who will emerge at dawn.

In the Christmas story, the Star of Bethlehem, which came to rest over the stable in which the Christ Child was born, is thought to have been Sirius — the star the Egyptians associated with Isis, mother of the divine child Horus.

The rebirth of the Sun presages renewal for the Earth / Gaia — as she embarks on another cycle of growth in the coming year. We as children of Earth take part in this joyful renewal of our individual lives.

Season's greetings to everyone!

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