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This election season in the US there is deep voter distress over the state of the nation, the highest inflation in four decades, and economic uncertainty — as well as concerns about abortion access and crime.

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The Republican Accountability Project is a nationwide advocacy campaign reinforcing the importance of accountability by some Republicans and conservatives who want other Republicans to stop sowing distrust in our elections. They are making sure their message is broadcast far and wide to push back against election deniers and MAGA extremists.

What’s on the ballot these elections?

  1. Roe vs Wade — access to abortion all across the country
  2. the economy — Social Security and Medicare cuts for tax breaks and incentives to billionaires and corporations
  3. our planet — stop using fossil fuels and debunk climate deniers
  4. our democracy — every American has the right to vote and get that vote counted
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“These elections will set the stage for the next two years of Joe Biden’s administration and what can or can’t get done. A new Republican House will determine the legislative agenda and have oversight abilities.” ~ Nathan Gonzales, editor of Inside Elections, a nonpartisan elections-analysis firm.

Election officials have prepared for unrest at polling locations, including abuse directed toward poll workers and citizen-led surveillance of voters and election equipment. Donald Trump’s supporters attacked the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6, 2021 in a bid to prevent lawmakers from certifying Biden’s victory.

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High interest in early voting across America suggested that this year’s election could meet or possibly exceed 2018’s record midterm turnout.

wonder | wander | women hope all Americans get to exercise their right to vote this November. May the outcome be what serves the country and its people best. Vote and make it count!



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