Easter Salubong 2023

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2 min readApr 9, 2023

The Easter Salubong is the traditional Easter devotion that heralds the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Celebrated at the crack of dawn, it commemorates the glorious encounter between the Risen Christ and his mother, Mary on Easter Sunday.

Scripture may be hazy about the first thing Jesus did upon his resurrection but for devoted Filipinos they are convinced he went to see his mother — as any good son would.

Salubong or Encuentro, Easter Sunday 2023

This popular Easter festivity marks the end of the Easter triduum celebrations in most Filipino Catholic parishes.

Some of the most popular Easter Salubong or Encuentro in the country are those celebrated in the provinces of Rizal (Angono and Parañaque), Cebu (Minglanilla and Naga), Bulacan (Barasoain and Malolos), Bohol (Loboc) and Marinduque (Gasan).

Initially the Easter dawn ritual consisted of two separate processions — one of Christ and the other with Mary — rendezvousing at dawn on Christ’s resurrection.

The galilea, a descending angel, the singing of the Regina Coeli, and the climactic removal of Mary’s lambong [or mourning veil] are significant elements which have been added over time.

The three contributing influences to the Salubong are: [1] the Spanish popular belief, [2] the Filipino practical sense, and [3] the creative zeal of Christianizing missionaries.

These three are combined and interlaced, creating the Filipino reinterpretation of Christianity expressed in popular religious rituals still practiced today.

Rituals that give witness to the dynamic and popular character of the Salubong are popular elements embodying how Filipinos have assimilated their Christian faith into their existing cultural beliefs.

However you choose to celebrate, wonder | wonder | world greet all a glorious Easter!

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