elemental mineral kingdom

in front of one of two gargantuan amethyst geodes
museum façade
a case filled with trilobites
Metasequoia petrified wood
ancient cave art
in front of Cape York meteorite
Lucy on display at the Hall of Human Origins
two of the massive monoliths on display
the main exhibit hall
Jade, the Stone Age rock star
a few of our personal favorites
crystals formed from water
image provided by the American Museum of Natural History
beautiful & classic display
mineral properties & uses
mineral properties
mineral elements chart
images from the American Museum of Natural History
Sterling Hill Slab & its 90 fluorescent minerals
Guan Yin carved statue
gemstone collection
faceted precious gems
Beautiful Creatures exhibit
creatures of the sea & land
Multimillion-Dollar Jewelry and Gems Gallery



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WoaWomen Urra

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