golden gifts

WoaWomen Urra
3 min readFeb 20, 2024

What is it about class reunions and alumni homecomings that pull on our heartstrings? The tradition of welcoming back alumni are opportunities to revisit our alma mater and pay homage to the staff, mentors and peers we learned from in our formative years.

Golderitas & Class of 74evers, 3 Feb 2024

We acclaim the lessons, skills, and principles that transformed us and laid the foundation for who we are today. We make time to affirm our participation in enhancing the quality of learning in our alma mater.

presenting the Mandala Cycles coloring book onstage

Education — the spark that lights the fire for character formation and leadership building — forms a cornerstone for our families and communities.

St. Scholastica’s Academy class celebrants of 2024

This gathering is often when and where we come to share our stories of challenge and success. Where we circle together — inspired and eager among colleagues. Cheering on those who have come before, our own peers, and younger graduates — to achieve greater heights.

74evers at the beach, Punta Bulata Resort & Spa

Acknowledging the years of our lives — our being productive and meaningful. Taking stock of how these turned out. Are we as we envisioned ourselves in our teenage years?

Did we channel our abilities and insights towards contributing to kababayans in our home base, as well as wherever in the world we now are, and around the entire world?

SCHOchella technical run through, 2 Feb 2024

How have we done? Success often holds more satisfaction when shared among those we grew up around and shared our dreams with.

Homecomings are proud and loud celebrations of so much we long for when we are away. Reunions top us up — we go on from them with bonds reaffirmed and relationships redefined.

fragments that make us whole

Golden moments are marked well — as we shine once more in a place of delight and joy.