Hokusai at the British Museum

a baren or printing burnisher
wood block carving tools
Xi Wangmu with royal carriage and attendants
entrance to the exhibition
goat, civet cat & porcupine
the baku (dream eater) and kirin (a mythical animal compared to the unicorn)
Indian king Kalmasapada
Virudhaka being struck by lightning
wall banner of Hokusai’s drawing seen through moon window
The Great Wave section of the exhibition
Detail of the Great Wave — the vertical stripes in the grey sky show the wear of the original wood block
visitors surround the display of published books
Several of Hokusai’s and his students’ books depicting scenes and customs of Japan
Illustration from A World of Snow in 100 Verses by Hokusai’s student Totoya Hokkei
a Vietnamese, a Filipino, & a Ryukyu man
title page for the India and China section
The Great Picture Book of Everything | #CuratorTour




curious creative tandem — cohearts & collaborators

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WoaWomen Urra

WoaWomen Urra

curious creative tandem — cohearts & collaborators

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