in service of country & people?

With Bongbong Marcos in China vowing he intends to pursue an independent foreign policy — one more than willing to cooperate whenever possible in the pursuit of regional peace and our two countries’ national interest — wonder | wander | world is wary of what this means exactly.

The BBM administration independent foreign policy is broadly outlined as friends to all, enemy to none. As with his unity campaign it brings concerns regarding implementation and doability. Big words that may or may not deliver their intended outcome. Yet another air pie and wind cake smokescreen for the masses?

Stratbase ADR Institute President Victor Andres “Dindo” Manhit and Dr. Chester Cabalza, International Development and Security Cooperation president and founder, discussed these in the book “Beyond the Crisis: A Strategic Agenda for the Next President.”

published by Stratbase ADR Institute

Compiled and published by Stratbase ADRI, their papers are among 16 policy studies written by experts in the fields of foreign policy, the economy and development, and governance.

According to these studies, “We need a more responsive and strategic foreign policy that would implement a clear, cohesive, and consistent foreign policy direction and develop the country’s comprehensive power according to its military, economic, scientific, and cultural capabilities.”

The devil is in the details. Cause enough for many to doubt this ineffective and inefficient BBM administration incapable of attaining or delivering on such sensitive and nuanced issues?

Here are some things to consider:

Why? Before creating this independent foreign policy we need to question why it is important to do so. What does it mean to be a good neighbor allowing for mutual benefits?

Who is it for? The policy should serve the country and its people. It needs to be clearly defined and presented to all at meetings, events, public forums, etc.

Coherence and alignment. Integrate values, initiatives, principles, etc. into the policy in order to enhance an organized system that works in proper order.

Exclusivity. Contrary to the practice of inclusivity, an independent foreign policy is exclusive to the people of the country where we live and work.

Make it ours. Activate the ideas and commitments behind the independent foreign policy — make it more than just a symbolic statement.

As well as an independent foreign policy we feel these are considerations that the government and administration should apply across the board in all their dealings and operations.

Mabuhay ang Pilipinas! Serve well and be well served.

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