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3 min readMay 13, 2022


This blog post was originally going to be called “five stages of grief for six more years”, but there is no reason to mourn yet. Besides there’s grief that feeds pointless anger, but there’s the mourning kind that fights fiercely and propels us to love more and try harder.

We have invested too many years — wonder | wonder | women do not give up.

free documentaries about the Marcos Regime

By midnight on election day the Marcos-Duterte party were claiming the lead by double the number of votes over the Robredo-Pangilinan camp — the popular and favoured party. We witnessed vote buying and attempts to steal the election — it was expected given the history of these opponents.

political dissent cartoon by Tarantadong Kalbo

The son of the Philippines’ only dictator and his running mate, the daughter of the sitting president and wanna-be dictator are claiming the win. Still, the news was devastating to those of us who had suffered under his father and had lost friends, fortunes and futures to their cronyism, cruelty, abuse and thievery.

John Oliver weighs in on our election fiasco

The sight of this bloodsucking family embracing triumph in front of the stolen Picasso that they formerly claimed was “missing” is too painful to swallow. A sad indicator of how far we have been downtrodden in this country.

screenshot on TV Patrol of BBM & his mother Imelda Marcos, seated

While the Robredo team mobilized support volunteers and held rallies, campaigned with inspiring speeches and clear platforms for the country’s future, rendered aid to those who have suffered through this deadly pandemic and a crushing economy — Junior’s team co-opted military officials to guard the sites of People Power demonstrations. Opting for tactics of fear and intimidation, instead of the hope and community offered by their rival party.

Philippine soldiers securing the EDSA Shrine, reported by the Business Mirror

While repeatedly touting their one and only united front claim and no other platform/s, the Marcos-Duterte political tandem had public squabbles over cabinet positions, paid news channels and bought social media for their highly publicized arguments.

social media thread dissecting Sara Duterte’s public beef with her running mate

All Comelec officials appointed by President Rodrigo Duterte. F2 Logistics assigned to transport the voting machines and cardboard ballot boxes [not the standard steel with padlocks] are owned by Dennis Uy — a Duterte crony.

BBM & his cronies the weekend before the 2022 Philippine elections on May 9

Chairperson of the Senate committee on electoral reforms is Imee Marcos — Junior’s eldest sibling. Slick and sleazy — the modus of operation they were raised on and have embraced all their lives. Six years in the making, millions spent — our country doomed.

their supporter’s comment under a Robredo voter’s Facebook post

Even their supporters are more focused on trashing our candidates and their downfall than promoting their candidates’ fuzzy goals and crystal ambitions.

Witnessing this, how can we not keep up our fight? Tens of thousands have died at the hands of these self-declared leaders. How can we lie down and allow them to ravage our country yet again?

Daniel Beherulak’s photographic essay for the NY Times on Rodrigo Duterte’s extrajudicial killings

We cannot and we will not accept this. Tuloy ang laban.