keeping our home fires burning

free documentaries about the Marcos Regime
political dissent cartoon by Tarantadong Kalbo
John Oliver weighs in on our election fiasco
screenshot on TV Patrol of BBM & his mother Imelda Marcos, seated
Philippine soldiers securing the EDSA Shrine, reported by the Business Mirror
social media thread dissecting Sara Duterte’s public beef with her running mate
BBM & his cronies the weekend before the 2022 Philippine elections on May 9
their supporter’s comment under a Robredo voter’s Facebook post
Daniel Beherulak’s photographic essay for the NY Times on Rodrigo Duterte’s extrajudicial killings




curious creative tandem — cohearts & collaborators

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WoaWomen Urra

WoaWomen Urra

curious creative tandem — cohearts & collaborators

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