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We celebrate our two Taurian bookends in April — the eldest and youngest family members of our Gregorio Urra clan. The traditional way we pamper and show our love is in gathering around good food.

siblings & cousins gathered together

Home cooked or finely catered — intimate family meal or wild grand fiesta — it’s best declared with comfort food and a festive feel.

Since our father turned 80 it’s become a tradition for the whole family to gather at home and spend the whole month celebrating these bonus years together.

another day ends as we gather together to celebrate

For adults and kids alike we all hang out — mostly around the table or sala, chattering away about any and every thing.

We come and go, see friends, meet strangers, eat out, dine in, fling open doors and invite them all to gather with us in celebration of life — up, down, all around.

sunset skies ablaze

Now that the home compound is full house — we cross over through each other’s homes. Sharing time, company, food, and conversation.

It is a rowdy and joyous gathering, packed with activities and overlapping timelines. Planning, chatting, or quietly sitting around — nothing matters much.

new dawn panganod (cumulonimbus) clouds

We enjoy hanging out together — spilling over into normally empty rooms and areas. Making space.

Reverting back to a simpler time. Making the time to spend together. No schedule, no agenda.

hang out time — the best of life

Rest seems like a nice contrast to stress but enthusiasm always reigns over all else.

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