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WoaWomen Urra
3 min readNov 7, 2023

On a recent visit to Evans, Georgia wonder | wander | women had the sweet privilege to visit one of its famous nature parks— the Augusta Canal.

The Augusta Canal

The canal and industrial district were designated a National Historic Civil Engineering Landmark by the American Society of Civil Engineers in 2018.

The Power of Water by Reginald D. Fraser, NHA

It is one of the only intact functioning American 19th century industrial power canal systems and is home to diverse plants and animals of the southeastern Fall Line.

at the entrance / exit

Augusta Canal National Heritage Area is an oasis for outdoor recreation. It has nature trails for walking, running, biking, paddling, or picnics with indoor and outdoor areas for a variety of events and activities.

some stunning locks — Shiva the destroyer of obstacles, camel, owl

The Savannah Rapids Park is a 33-acre passive recreation park set along the Augusta Canal and Reed Creek waterfall. It has been a destination of nature lovers for over 150 years.

love these hearts — birds, roses, skull

On a bright crisp fall day, we went down to the lovers' locks and added our own padlocks to the great collection decorating their rails.

our travel love locks — side by side

Visitors from all over the world have made their mark and locked on their private and personal wishes over these bars. Symbols of love everlasting shining on and rusting away — tell their own tale under a brilliant sky.

lots of turtles

Just like its state song — made famous by Georgian resident artist Ray CharlesGeorgia on our minds until our return.

lots of fish too
bird viewing & view

Where we long to be washed in peace by the waters of this nature preserve.

some local humor



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