Mercury | ups & downs

WoaWomen Urra
2 min readOct 2, 2021

This week may not go quite as planned. We can feel the best and worst of moods, experience lovely moments of flow, and go through patches of great technical difficulty as Mercury — symbolic arbiter of communication, thought, and transport — retrogrades, as it squares difficult Pluto and trines hopeful Jupiter.

Mercury Retrograde takes place three times a year for around three weeks at a time. Retrograde is when planets appear to move backward in our sky, although this is just an optical illusion, as Mercury passes earth. Mercury rules our communication including the technology we use. During retrograde the normal flow of energy is reversed. We often feel disorganized and confused as communication can get lost or misinterpreted.

Mercury Retrograde in Libra

Many of us may face a challenge with the potential for a major or minor liberating breakthrough. Many will deal with challenges, haunted memories, or personal doubts that resurface. All hold the potential for a liberating breakthrough even if we struggle to find the path forward.

Take a breath — we’ve been through, and survived, chaotic, questionable retrogrades before — and this one is no different. We know the basics of what Mercury retrograde does to us — technological mishaps, chaotic travel, brain fog, and misunderstandings. With preparation, this transit could just be another bump in the rocky road of 2021.

Be kind and patient. Watch where the mind goes — focus on what’s wonderful and worthy. Check in on one another. Create or appreciate art that expresses our emotions. Slow down to prioritize safety and mutually beneficial help.

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