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A recent post on Change Warrior featured conversations over Thanksgiving — diverse and even difficult yet so worthwhile. Here at wonder | wander | world we add two more for this week.

y’all serves an important function but can have negative connotations

On Jon Stewart’s podcast, The Problem — his two guests were Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Condoleezza Rice. Their fascinating discussion of American power — whether spreading democracy has actually made us safer, and what our role on the world stage should look like — was absolutely riveting.

Hillary Clinton & Condoleezza Rice on America’s global role & responsibility

Then on November 30, Stephen Corbert’s guest, journalist and Nobel Peace Prize winner Maria Ressa discussed insights on democracy and freedom contained in her latest book, “How to Stand Up to a Dictator.” Where she clearly outlined three major perils of living in a world dominated by social media.

Maria Ressa: How social media uses free speech to stifle the truth

Talking about what matters and how best to get it done for the good of all can often be intricate, convoluted, confusing, complex, and a whole lot more. But remaining uninformed and ignorant should no longer be an option when we are all invested in improving this world.

Appreciative inquiry matters most — how generative questions open the door to allow space for new possibilities — and how we can tell we are engaged in a conversation worth having.

If you have not listened to either, we strongly encourage you to make this a priority. Be willing to have them bend your beliefs and turn our world around. These conversations are so worthwhile.

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