namaste in bed

WoaWomen Urra
2 min readFeb 18, 2023

wonder | wander | world is happy to share our love of pajama stay — gentle yoga stretches in bed. You can choose to start your day, end it or both with these mindful movements.

relaxing stretches in bed

Whether to calm ourselves in the morning and extend this precious feeling throughout our day. Or to quiet us down as our day draws to an end and prepare us for a better night’s sleep.

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There is great value in doing this simple stretches.

As they say — motion is the lotion. Or is it — use it or lose it. Inertia is just too true for too many of us.

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Especially when it’s cold and dark outside we are even more tempted to stay in bed, snug as a bug. This no guilt stay in bed mode is the best option for making the most of both.

Enjoy. Bliss out. Namaste.

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