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wonder | wander | world shout out this week is for this trilogy of books, soon to be released — “Sine Tala: Essays on Philippine Cinema,” compiled by Nick Deocampo.

Three books to enrich our knowledge of Philippine cinema. The three volumes contain thematic essays with forewords by a new generation of the country’s leading film and media scholars.

Volume One, “Philippine Cinema and History,” with foreword by Patrick Campos. Volume Two, “Philippine Cinema and Culture,” foreword written by Rolando Tolentino. Volume Three, “Philippine Cinema and Literacy,” foreword written by Fernando Paragas.

book covers & case concept art

Paintings of DengCoy Miel grace the covers of the new books plus their bookcase. His works are full of iconographic images that speak of Philippine history and its imaginings. Deocampo calls what he does “historical semiotics.”

The expressive use of images as semiological signs that visually articulate historical events and allegorize, oftentimes satirize, the hidden trauma behind historical events. Thanks to Patrick Flores for brokering the deal to have DengCoy Miel to paint the book covers.

The graphic design is by Matt Sudario — a young, talented, book designer who has created several prizewinning publications in the past. Adding massive appeal to both students and the general public.

These books contain historical, theoretical, critical, and pedagogical essays essential to a holistic study of Philippine cinema — immersing readers in the culture and society that gave birth to their story and style.

The book series will be published by the 2020 Publisher of the Year Awardee — Ateneo de Manila University Press, thanks to Karina Bolasco. Made possible by a grant from the Film Development Council of the Philippines — thanks to Liza Dino-Seguerra, then the FDCP chair.

We are looking forward to this publication in eager anticipation.

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