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3 min readAug 19, 2020


A new moon in Leo can teach us how to recognize the shape of our own pride when it blocks our blessing. It can teach us how to share ourselves with the world, even when we feel like the world is primed to reject our offering. That’s because Leo rules the heart and is the sign of adoration, of wanting to adore and be adored. Of knowing that the best way to get what you want is acting like you already have it. ~ Nylon, New Moon in Leo 2020

Basta © Adriana M. Garcia 2011 from We’Moon 2016

We’Moon just announced the release of their new planner for 2021. wonder |wander | women are devoted fans and followers of this amazing product. Timely updates provide valuable inspiration that open us to more self discovery and intuitive insights.

Newly released We’Moon 2021

Published by Mother Tongue Ink, We’Moon is a diverse collective of art and writing from women world wide sharing their lives and truths in community. Inspiring and connecting with Mother Earth and all our relations.

Lotus Lion © Eileen M. Rose

In our daily journaling practice, we love to pick a current page and break it down in bite size pieces each day. Incorporated in our life it is a way of life we resonate well with — earthy, real, practical. By women for wemyn!

Queen © Chasity Bleu 2018

August started with the glorious peak of summer radiating through our limbs and lives in varying degrees of warmth and light. Sweet and relaxing but also intense and uncomfortable — physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

Mystical Cat © Jakki Moore 2010

Leo is a bit too ME focused — in glaring light and deep shadow — we learn to love all our varied selves. Practicing acceptance, patience, love and forgiveness for and with each aspect of revealed self. As summer passes both light and heat lessen as the days begin to shorten — deepening our breathing and rhythms.

Setting Sun Prayers © Leah Marie Dorion 2017

From dawn til dusk we are reborn with each new day — rising from sleep and dreamtime eyes and heart wide open — back into our body, poured into fleshed form. As fields ripen and the grain grows golden we are closest to Nature once more — tables turned.

Corona times have given misbehaved humans a major time out — Mother Earth is allowed to heal without our heavy unconscious footprint. It didn’t take us long to apply ourselves to pillaging and raping for our own convenience and comfort when we got the tools and skills.

May this be our wake up call and redirect us into a better partnership and deeper connection with our world.

Grasp the authority to be cultural shamans and bend our society back to serving life. Rebirth. Reshape. Rejoin. ~ Oak Chezar, Mother Tongue Ink 2019



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