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3 min readJul 9, 2021


On our first visit to New York City since lockdown in March 2020, we were enchanted by our stay at The Whitby Hotel in the heart of upper midtown Manhattan on West 56th Street at 5th Avenue.

The Whitby Hotel façade in NYC
a detailed virtual tour of The Whitby by Kit Kemp

If ever one feels compelled to take a staycation this most definitely was both a sweet way to live it up. What better way to join in the celebration of Big Apple’s grand reopening?

the hotel reception entrance

As it so boldly states on their website: The Whitby Hotel is a celebration of contemporary art and design. Just two blocks from Central Park and on the doorstep of some of New York’s leading restaurants, galleries and museums, including MoMA.

the delicate glowing pots of Martha Freud

Historic and mystique-infused, the hotel was designed by the esteemed architect Emery Roth and decorated in colorful and dynamic Kit Kemp interiors.

our quiet little outdoor nook

Our extended weekend in this luxe gem did not disappoint. Starting with a lovely cup of cappuccino each morning as wonder | wander | women quietly filled our morning pages or had our morning video chat to start our day on a high note.

the reading room
reading room decorative details

Then breakfast together when the others came down. Followed by exploratory meanderings around our beloved metropolis. To Central Park, the museums, window shopping, people gazing — lazy, loping long walks around the neighborhood.

events & meeting rooms
Anrep Room detail

A late lunch was wherever it was we found ourselves out and about. Then back to the hotel when the heat got too oppressive or for a cooling shower and change before heading out for dinner to meet up with city based friends we had not seen in ages.

fun & luxe bathroom details
our mirror rooms & suite hallway

It was a joy to have The Whitby as our local base for the three days we were in town. A truly cushy and enjoyable option to get us back into the center of midtown Manhattan. Glad to see the city thriving and quieter than its normal rush rush rush mode.

The Whitby Bar & The Orangery

As with most things post lockdown, there is a genuine appreciation for the slowed down pace that allows us to absorb and savor what we have even more.



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