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The Shift Network just concluded its annual Ancestral Healing Summit 2022 which was held this January 18 to 21.

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This enriching series shares the definition of ancestral healing, to understand how trauma shows up in inherited family disease patterns, and support us to gain a deeper understanding of how to heal family dynamics and patterns that obstruct us in our lives.

Receive insights about the emotional epigenetics of trauma, to find resolution and peace in this lifetime, and prevent inherited familial trauma from being passed down to future generations.

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As we move into a brand-new year, and certain patterns become clear yet again, how to heal from family wounding and resolve old, entrenched patterns — by learning new modalities as we enter the transformative Age of Aquarius.

Perfect timing with the stress of holiday expectations and the arrival of Omicron in an ongoing COVID crisis that has wreaked havoc among countless families.

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How many of us had get togethers ruined by this uninvited misbehaved guest? What did its presence expose within family dynamics and what revelations were uncovered in our individual behavior?

What better time to shine the light on the curative powers of ancestral healing? Now more than ever we are all in need of restoring balance within dysfunctional family dynamics — to assist us to heal personal wounds aggravated with blame or raked bare by judgment.

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Today’s foremost ancestral healing experts, teachers, researchers, and speakers featured in this summit bring to light the curative powers of ancestral healing to help us understand emotional epigenetics and energetically release DNA trauma, allowing us to embody our deepest dreams and gifts.

A great way to shift us towards a more hopeful and expansive 2022. If you missed the event, the summit is available on the Shift Network for a minimal fee.

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