planes, trains and automobiles

Usually wonder | wander | women like to rely on our own two feet when moving around. We dislike driving and live in built-up areas where nearly everything we need is in walking distance. But living far apart and liking to explore as much as we do, we’ve enjoyed many forms of modern transport.

Our favourite way to travel is by train. Being close to the countryside but passing through without stopping, slow enough to enjoy the scenery but fast enough to skip most of the tedium of a long road trip…a good train trip is a wonderful ride.

Our trips in Canada ranged from sunny and comfortable to a very harassed rush-hour exit, but either way it was a wonder to be miles away from the city in a few minutes.

In the UK train travel is vital. Most towns have several train stations, and you can go from the heart of London to Edinburgh Castle in Scotland in barely four and a half hours.

Riding is better than driving…you can doze, sketch, read or just enjoy the scenery. And trains are usually equipped with wi-fi so you can work or watch programs the whole way…if you don’t get distracted by the view.

If we think about a great view, though, we’ve definitely seen amazing things out of airplanes.

That childhood enchantment never leaves us. The chill on the windows, the view, the blanketing roar of the engines…whether it’s stars or daylit landscapes outside, we can’t tear our eyes away.

On ground level, although we don’t like driving, when taking several trips we’re happy to let someone else drive. In the city when somewhere is too far to walk, we prefer the bus to the subway or Tube…although it’s often slower.

But in places without public transport, being a passenger means our hands (and eyes) are free for pictures!

Pictures out a window are a fun record of where you’ve been and how you got there. From industrial areas to green countrysides, we shoot as we go.

We just need to be quick enough to catch the scenery as it goes by!

Wherever we go — together, apart or toward each other — we want to remember the journey as much as the destination. That’s why our favourite farewell is “ Happy Trails!

curious creative tandem — cohearts & collaborators

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