pregnant with potential

WoaWomen Urra
3 min readMay 1, 2020

Blessed Beltane! It’s May Day!

Spring is transitioning into summer. Here in the East Coast we have had such a long winter our heaters are still running.

overcast day after last night’s storm

Yet the season’s change has just bypassed spring and gone full blast into summer. With its wild thunderstorms and crazy unpredictability. Blow hot, blow cold. Sunshine today, overcast tomorrow.

All in celebration with exuberant joy. Fertile, lush and ripe with possibility. Wild, sweet and ecstatic with delight.

barely visible in the howling gale and rain

Nature has burst open — abloom in wonder and awe. Our hearts are full and bursting at its seams. We shine bright within, polished by rubbing unto ourselves and made ready to spill out generously and deeply.

lush & flushed in the weak sunlight

Near and far, close and dear — we count our blessings and pray fervently. Spare us, health for all and a bountiful rich life.

a soupy mourning sky

We are brought closest to nature’s rhythms — unimpeded and thriving with the thinning press of humans against her.

Naturally and organically we have the opportunity to witness growth and probables all around us. More in tune with life than we have been in a long while. Surrounded by beauty and grace we value and honor.

midday clouds beginning to clear

We are now able to listen to the voices of the universe. Sing along with nature. Breath in the wonder of our existence.

So driven and externalized many have forgotten we are Spirit having a human experience. Now we are once more nourished and nurtured by this spaciousness we allow in our interior and without.

a milky NYC in the far distance

We are renewed. Gathering in community virtually. Extending and opening up circles of inclusion. Forming the WE that balances and completes the ME.

Redefined at the core — in our cells, deep in our blood and down to our bones — forever changed.

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