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It’s that time of year once again — The Shift Network presents its annual Ancestral Healing Summit. Perfect timing for wonder | wander | world who are back in our island in the sun after being away for too many years.

hosted by The Shift Network

The ancestral coverage explores proven methods to resolve lineage trauma — to reverse inherited curses and heal painful patterns. What was acquired by the original generation is inherited by at least two generations.

As we unpack the historical limitations placed on wise spiritual leadership in our lineages, we embrace our place as ancestral mediators, spiritual teachers, and gifted healers.

To be able to do this, we’ve had to look deep into our ancestral lineage — finding that within all those stories of trauma and wounds stand strong, courageous, wise, powerful ancestors.

Day 1 summit speakers line up

We are then able to transform what appear to be curses and transmute the energies into blessings.

To heal and restore our fragmented world by addressing and integrating individual, ancestral and collective trauma.



curious creative tandem — cohearts & collaborators

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