the heART of Spring

WoaWomen Urra
2 min readApr 12, 2023


It has been a hard winter and a cold, wet spring. Despite the joyful work we do in our lives every day, there are times when wonder | wander | women feel a little resentful, heartsick and lonely.

robin in diary

One sweet cure for the cold-weather blues is painting. When it’s too chilly to go outside, we can bring the outside in!

cherry blossom on a tree

Spring is a wonderful muse, and we have many pictures of flowers, birds, trees and the other delights of the season.


We’ve also attempted to imitate the style of the great nature lovers of China and Japan. Chinese painting tries to capture the essence instead of the photographic quality of nature.

It’s hard to master, but fun to keep trying!

plum blossom

On a grey rainy day it’s healing to play with bright colours and make our own sunshine. Fresh greens and yellows brighten the spirit.


The joy of creation is making something with our hands for the simple pleasure of seeing what happens. Drawing what we want to see, we are genies granting our own wishes.