Tokyo 2020 Olympics | Kimono Project

some of the stunning kimonos in the collection
conceptualized by “Butterfly House” - Kyushu, Japan
Kimono #213 artist Miwa Komatsu, produced by Okano
in honor of the
IOC Refugee Olympic Team
Kimono #001 Afghanistan — created by Ueda Kanjiang, produced by Watanabe
Kimono #125 Haiti — created & produced by Makiko Kuwahara
Kimono #026 Japan — manufacturer Kyoyuzen, produced by Chiso
Kimono #033 Philippines designer Hiroshi Nakamachi, produced by Chiku-mae Textiles
on stage at the Tokyo Olympics
Kimono #099 USA — created by Yu Naruse, produced by Nakai Textile
Kimono #170 United Kingdom — created by Saki Manabe, produced by Shihiro
Kimono #154 Fiji — created by Michico Skai, produced by Nishimura Textiles
Mahala’s pick from the collection
Kimono #14i Kiribati — created by Tetsuya Matsue & Koyako, produced by Seiichi Endo
Issa’s pick




curious creative tandem — cohearts & collaborators

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WoaWomen Urra

WoaWomen Urra

curious creative tandem — cohearts & collaborators

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