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This time last year the London half of wander | wander | women headed home after being Stateside for the holidays.

pit stop before heading out, Edgewater NJ

This week finds us both packing our bags — Mahala in London, Issa in Edgewater, New Jersey. We return to the Philippines where neither of us have been back since prior to the COVID-19 pandemic.

golden sunrise on frosty glass

We used to return once or twice a year before our restricted travel. Travel papers safely stowed, eTravel declaration completed, QR codes scanned, vaccination cards ready — all documents backed up online, hard copies in our hand carry.

daytime moon over Geroge Washington Bridge

Along with extra masks, disposable gloves, wet wipes, cash in small bills and various currencies, spare underwear, change of clothes in transit, nasal spray, inhaler, sanitizer, etc. Luggage weighed and locked — lined at the entrance for our departure.

fire in the sky — sunrise, January 2023

It seems like all this extra preparation could put a damper on our eager anticipation and just about take the fun out of traveling. Almost but just not quite.

G.W. Bridge & Hudson River all aglow

It’s rare nowadays to not be able to find what we miss from then over here — where we have relocated and are now based. Yet having something from there while we are there is just so much better. That is what we are both looking forward to.

panoramic view at 6:00 a.m.

We have called, texted, and messaged family and friends — to let them know we are on the way and for how long we are in town. Calendars have been cleared and agendas arranged to try and fit them all in.

panoramic view at 6:00 p.m.

Let the fun begin!



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