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WoaWomen Urra
3 min readFeb 17, 2023

wonder | wander | women are on a month long indulgence of our happy feet after years of not traveling much at all.

Mahala & Issa at the Hotel Okura walkway

This last week in the Philippines has been a dizzying whirlwind of errands and visits with local specialists and friends. Trips to favorite pasalubong centers and eateries we grew up with and continue to long for.

Pasalubong is the local tradition of travelers bringing gifts and souvenirs from their destination for friends and relatives back home.

bilao of manug-libod delicacies

We grew up on a small island proud of their specialties and local cuisine. Back when restaurants were few and hard to come by an invitation to dine at a home famous for their cook’s special dishes was the much better option anyway.

intimate & fine dining at Casa A. Gamboa

Family recipes handed down from generation to generation were closely guarded secrets we all strove with diligence to collect.

gastronomic delights of Tao Yuan at Newport

Many of these homes eventually opened up their own restaurants — serving the public what we have all coveted in private through the years.

Newport World Resorts casino lobby

May they continue to thrive and spread their good cheer with these precious carefully perfected meals. A great match to our tried and true old time Chinese restaurant of Chinatown in Manila.

two generations of friends turned family

With new branches in Newport Resort World — conveniently located right across the international airport in Pasay. Giving us the best send off ever — good food in good company so close by.

Asta la vista baby — until we return once more!

home sweet home