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WoaWomen Urra
2 min readNov 14, 2022

As 2022 winds down and we approach the holidays it’s time to assess the year and plan for 2023.

A recent post from the Agam Agenda seemed most apt.

Culture is about how we relate with each other, and with the Earth. It holds our living stories — outside any walls or any conference.

Why rewrite COP27?

We have grown too attached to our habits and creature comforts and because most of us live in crowded bustling urban centers — we are sadly remotely distanced from nature and natural cycles — hardly conscious of subtle shifts and central cycles.

The tendency is to constantly disrupt or make demands on our environment and relationships. To have these adjust to our needs and wants rather than closely monitoring and collaborating among each other.

We have unnecessarily complicated lives and disengaged from reality — imposing instead a self made world of our own desire. Is it any wonder that it is cracking apart — disintegrating and no longer sustainable?

Take comfort then from this soulful and sweet reminder. May it return or attention and focus to what matters most.

our roots

Where are your roots?

An invitation to meditate on Forests, offered by Agam Agenda.

You might be dreaming of your growth. Have you been dreaming of your roots? The past and the present intertwine like tree branches. Approach the nearest tree. Look around you. What truths are held by this tree? Come closer. What trees were there when you were born? From what trees have you picked fruit? On whose branches do you sit and play? Follow the trail into the forest. How deep into the forest have you gone? What or who meets you there? Do you remember when they were cut down? Did you know their names? Vast and timbered lands. Broken stalks. Logged and hunted. Forests hold us. They hold the land. They sustain breath. They hold the water, even as they burn. How have we held them? Forests are memory and history. Have you dreamt of them lately?

Words by Carissa Pobre. Voice by Mattie Balagat, Julia Javier, and Carissa Pobre. Sound editing by Dru Ubaldo



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